PkgCache #23: Internet of Swamp Things

Recorded April 3, 2015 • 53 minutes

Fred and Ian discuss April Fools’ pranks, the general availability of the SQL Database premium plan on Bluemix, follow up on the discussion about Data Server Manager, the upcoming IDUG North American conference in Philadelphia and other DB2 news.

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Show Notes & Links

The Unicode Cone of Shame from Fred’s VARGRAPHIC hack
The Unicode Cone of Shame from Fred’s VARGRAPHIC hack


  • IDUG’s first casinorific conference in over a decade:
  • In actual Philadelphia, use to find record stores
  • Fred will host IDUG’s Whiskey SIG at
  • Fred is drinking
  • Ian’s Session Recommendations:
    • C14: DB2 Security Tips and Best Practices – Walid Rjaibi @WalidRjaibi
    • D05: Performance “Worst Practices” for DB2 – Steve Rees @db2steve
    • E15: Configuration (Mis) Management – Deploying DDL changes – Ken Shaffer @aerodata
    • E16: BLU Insert, Update and Delete – An Insider’s Perspective – Adam Storm @stormadamj
  • Fred’s Likes:
    • E06: Hidden Gems: The Top 10 Most Under-utilized Functions in DB2 – Matthias Nicola
    • D07: Top Ten DB2 LUW Explain Tips – John Hornibrook @JHornibrookIBM
    • F16: Migrating from IMS to DB2 with DL/2 – Bernie O’Connor
    • C17: Using The Multi-Temperature Data Feature with Fully Automated Storage Tiering – Roger Sanders @Roger_E_Sanders